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not support WIN. 7 on N3150 N3050 and gen.6th 7th CPU

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Warm Attention:

not support WIN. 7 on N3150, N3050 and  gen.6th 7th CPU


Partaker Mini PC I5 3317U Tested Fully

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Recently ,our customer feedback a Special problems to us about core frequency , so we download from intel website to test max core frequency ,

Then I tested our office computer ,my computer is I5 3317U ,pls note below pic .

This picture is  official website in the Intel query results by us .This Frequency is 1.7 ~2.6 G HZ.

Now let us  take a look at the next picture,

Above pic is Computer Properties data,

Pls note below software , we can install it to test core frequency .

When you complete the installation, the following icon will appear on your desktop,

Test is starting ,Below is I5 3317U test Screenshot .

Core frequency refers to when the start of a running program, the processor will automatically accelerate to the appropriate frequency,

and the original speed will increase by 10% to 20% to ensure the smooth operation of a technology program.

Computer Properties Parameter data are only for reference .

If you want to know the max core frequency , you can download our software to test .

Core Frequency Test Software For Windows

Remark:Actions speak louder than words

“Partaker” Mini PC Customizes BIOS For Customer

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1)Format for BIOS logo

*800×600 256 color BMP,JPG Format is also ok.

*File must be 900K below

When the pc cannot boot up

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The pc cnanot boot up, please check :

1: The power supply

2: Memory installed well or not

3: Make the pc Discharge, the detailed step is as below:

1: turn off the pc, keep it power off condition, 2: remove the battery from the board and wait a 20 second, 3: reinstall battery again
4: try to turn on the pc