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How to use “Gigabit optical interface” on Partaker Firewall Appliance?

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How to use “Gigabit optical interface” on Partaker Firewall Appliance?

1.     Definition
a.     There are many types of fiber optic interface come in, such as
1) The normal network cable;
2) Fiber optic cable;
3) Two fiber optic cable
So we should use the module to convert with them.
b. Gigabit optical interface which you could understand it as “crystal head”
2.     How to use it?
a.     Buy a Module to use your method.
For Example:

(This Module is for normal network cable directly)

(This method is for 2 OP cable)

b.    Electrical Interface ( Normal Network Card)Buy separately, contact us for it
c.   OP Interface (Fiber Card) Buy separately, contact us for it
Case Photos FYR:

Module Use: Plug and Play






What Could Partaker Mini PC Do?

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What Could Partaker Mini PC Do?
Office work: Office, skype, yahoo, outlook and all other office requirement support and runs perfect;
Design work: Photoshop, CoreIDRAW, Dreamweaver, IIIustrator, Flash, Indesign and others
Game playing: support most online games and PC games, like Warcraft, Counter-Strike (CS),
Entertainment: support blue ray 1080P video play, XBMC and others