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Intel 7260ac WiFi sells at $45

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To all Partaker mini PC Models



Partaker Mini PC Inventory Announcement

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Partaker Mini PC Inventory Announcement

Partaker B5 N3150 2*HDMI Version Bulk Inventory
Partaker B5 N3050 Bulk Inventory
Partaker B11 – Gen.6th I3-6100U, I5-6200U, I7-6500/6600U 3,000 Units
Partaker B12 – I5-4260U 3,000 Units
Partaker B11 – Gen.7th I3-7100U, I5-7200U (New Arrival) Limited Inventory
Partaker I2 – 1037U 1,800 Units
Partaker I2 –I5-3317U 1,700 Units
Partaker I3 Limited Inventory
Partaker I4 – 2955U, I3 I5 3,000 Units
Partaker P3 – 1007U Limited Inventory
Partaker P4 – 2955U /3215U and more 4,000 Units Inventory

3 Steps to Check Out Partaker Mini PC Barebone not light up

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  1. Check Motherboard Indicator light is on or not (If on, then exclude the power supply problem)
  2. Installed RAM, and boot on the computer, check out if the USB keyboard indicator light is on or not. (If on, then exclude the RAM problem)
  3. Check out the monitor connection method, If the cable is loose? (HDMI better not convert), Better use HDMI cable to test directly