Partaker Mini PC Inventory Announcement

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Partaker Mini PC Inventory Announcement

Partaker B5 N3150 2*HDMI Version Bulk Inventory
Partaker B5 N3050 Bulk Inventory
Partaker B11 – Gen.6th I3-6100U, I5-6200U, I7-6500/6600U 3,000 Units
Partaker B12 – I5-4260U 3,000 Units
Partaker B11 – Gen.7th I3-7100U, I5-7200U (New Arrival) Limited Inventory
Partaker I2 – 1037U 1,800 Units
Partaker I2 –I5-3317U 1,700 Units
Partaker I3 Limited Inventory
Partaker I4 – 2955U, I3 I5 3,000 Units
Partaker P3 – 1007U Limited Inventory
Partaker P4 – 2955U /3215U and more 4,000 Units Inventory

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